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Our Microsoft Word onsite courses are available Australia-wide.

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Word Basics

Word Basics is an ideal one day course for beginners or people who are inexperienced with Word and who wish to learn correct techniques and useful skills with this popular program.

If you have never used Word before or wish to learn fundamental skills to increase the speed and accuracy in which you create your documents, this onsite training course is for you and will help you become fluent and comfortable with the program.  You will also receive a copy of our T7 Training Systems course book “Word Basics”.

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Word Intermediate

Word Intermediate is an ideal one day course for people who wish to extend their Microsoft Word skills with this popular program. If you want to work faster and with more consistent formatting with large documents or to simply extend your skills beyond the average of those in your office, this course is for you.

This inhouse training course is designed to greatly increase the skills and capacities of the average office worker who is using Microsoft Word every day without utilising the features that can allow staff to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of their work. Participants also receive a copy of our T7 Training Systems course book “Word Intermediate.”

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Word Advanced module series

The T7 Training Systems Word Advanced modules allow you to learn the advanced subjects in Microsoft Word you need to know without sitting through advanced subjects which you don’t need.

Each module is two hours long and comes with a course book detailing subjects covered during the module.  Word Advanced modules are $148.50 (pre-GST) per participant. Group discounts are available and modules can be run in sequence to create a partial or full day of training.

Word Advanced – Total Mail Merge

Learn everything you need to perform advanced reliable and impressive mail merges.

Word Advanced – Paragraph Styles

Paragraph styles are covered in depth in this advanced module, ideal for those who work with large documents.

Word Advanced – Templates

Create your own templates with confidence in this Word Advanced module. Ideal in combination with the Paragraph Styles module.

Word Advanced – Track Changes

Expose the mysteries of the track changes feature with this easy-to-understand module.

Word Advanced – Graphics

Learn how to create impressive graphics in your documents, both with pictures and drawn objects.

Word Advanced – Fields

Utilise powerful fields available in Microsoft Word.

Word Advanced – Tips and Tricks

Learn tips and tricks that will increase your productivity and impress your colleagues.

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Personalised courses

All courses can be personalised with our library of training subjects upon request in combination with our pre-training Word surveys.

Recent testimonials

“I attended two training sessions with Nicholas Jankovic (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) last week. I found him to be an excellent trainer, a good listener and a very effective communicator. I was particularly impressed with the clarity of the notes and guidelines.”
John, Auburn Council

“Everything in the class was executed professionally and thoroughly. Nick is definitely very passionate and is very committed in making sure that everyone in the class follows and understands each step. I highly recommend T7 Training Systems – it is great value for money.”
Sondra (company name withheld by request)

“Thanks Nicholas! I have already used many of the tricks I learned at your course on Tuesday.”
Rebecca (company name withheld by request)