Microsoft Project

Our Microsoft Project inhouse courses are available Australia-wide.

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Project Basics

If you have been using Project to create Gantt charts but feel that you’re not using the true power of Microsoft Project, this one day course is ideal for you. Project Basics teaches how to use Project for calculating the most efficient way of running your project and easily finding alternative paths when situations change.

Also covered in this onsite training course is how to quickly apply and organise your resourcing, how to allow Project to suggest and adjust for new situations, producing meaningful printouts and tracking a project as it progresses (including comparison of the original plan to the reality, and what is required to make your deadline).

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Further Microsoft Project training

Every business uses Microsoft Project uniquely and for this reason, T7 Training Systems finds the most productive approach to intermediate and advanced Microsoft Project training is to personalise the intermediate and advanced courses specifically for your needs and requirements.

This means your staff will not spend half a day learning extensive costing skills when they actually require detailed resourcing skills and vis versa. The course can be personalised towards the skill set your staff require.  It is, however, essential that your staff are familiar and competent with the foundation skills covered in Project Basics and a pre-training Project survey will be supplied to ensure your staff are ready for intermediate and advanced level training.

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Recent testimonials

“I did a Microsoft Project Basics course with you in 2007 that I found fantastic and I am still using your books today as I set out plans. I described the Microsoft Project Basics course to one of our partners yesterday as the most beneficial course of short work skills training I think I have ever done.”
Martin Laffey, HART

“Nick’s 1-day Microsoft Project training course was practical, easy-to-follow and well-paced. It gave me confidence to start using the application immediately.”
Saysana Sirimanotham, ACON Health

“Hi Nick, you are fabulous, this is terrific stuff. Thank you!! See you very soon when you are here for some more Microsoft Project training which everyone is very much looking forward to, including our CEO.”
Alicia (company name withheld by request)