Microsoft support for Office for Mac 2008 ends

Microsoft is ending it's support for Office for Mac 2008 on 9th April 2013. Read more below.

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Office for Mac 2008

Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 consisting predominantly of Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel for Mac, reached the end of it's support by Microsoft on 9th April 2013.

Office for Mac 2008 will continue to work on your Apple or MacBook, however Microsoft will no longer offer security updates, compatibility updates or bug fixes for Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel or Word for Mac 2008.

Microsoft supports Office for Mac for only 5 years after release. Microsoft Office for PC however is supported by Microsoft for 10 years after release due to the Microsoft Extended Support policy for Office for PC versions. This means that Office 2003 for PC is still supported until 8th April 2014.

People using Office for Mac 2008 to work with their own documents won't need to update, however those using documents emailed to them or downloaded from the internet may wish to consider updating to Office for Mac 2011 or future versions for security reasons and also for the extra features available in more modern versions. 


Nicholas Jankovic

T7 Training Systems


Saturday, 4th May 2013


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