Hiding most rows and columns in Excel

You may wish to hide most of the excess unused rows and columns in your Excel spreadsheet to produce this effect:

 You can do this by following the instructions below.

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Hiding a large quantity of rows and columns

Click in the cell which will be just beyond the bottom-right corner of the area you wish to remain displayed, as shown below:


On the keyboard, hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys. While still holding Shift and Ctrl, tap the down-arrow key on the keyboard then tap the right-arrow key on the keyboard.

This highlights cells all the way to the right-end and bottom-end of the spreadsheet.  The screen should look similar to below (unless you are using Excel 2003 and earlier in which case the row numbers will be much lower and there will be less letters):


If you are using Excel 2007or Excel 2010:

Click the Home tab, then click the Format button, then Hide & Unhide, then click Hide Rows.

Then click the Format button again, then Hide & Unhide, then click Hide Columns.


If you are using Excel 2003 or earlier:

Click the Format drop-down menu then Row, then Hide.

Then click the Format drop-down menu again then Column, then Hide.


The result should look as shown below:



The cells in the hidden rows and columns are still accessible.

You may wish to protect the spreadsheet so the rows and columns cannot be unhidden.

You can also hide other parts of the spreadsheet such as the column and row headers, formula bar, status bar and scroll bars in version 2007 or 2010 by clicking the File tab then Options, then Advanced and scrolling down to the Display, Display for this workbook and Display for this worksheet group.

For version 2003 or earlier, click the Tools drop-down menu, then click Options then the View tab.



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Wednesday, 4th April 2012


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