Adobe Photoshop

Our Adobe Photoshop onsite courses are available Australia-wide.

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Photoshop Basics

Adobe Photoshop is the premier photo manipulation software on the market. This one day onsite training course provides a strong grounding in the basic concepts of using Photoshop covering the skills required as a beginner with this powerful program covering many of the often-requested abilities.

Each participant will also receive a copy of the T7 Training Systems course book “Photoshop Basics”.

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Further Photoshop training

Every business uses Adobe Photoshop uniquely and for this reason, T7 Training Systems finds the most productive approach to intermediate and advanced Photoshop training is to personalise the intermediate and advanced courses specifically for your needs and requirements.

This means your staff will not spend half a day learning extensive masking skills when they actually require detailed layering skills and vis versa. The course can be personalised towards the skill set your staff require.  It is, however, essential that your staff are familiar and competent with the foundation skills covered in Photoshop Basics and a pre-training Photoshop survey will be supplied to ensure your staff are ready for intermediate and advanced level training.

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Recent testimonials

“I was impressed with your company’s presentation, client service and training delivery. I will certainly utilise your services again.” – Natalie

“I thoroughly enjoyed my training at T7 Training Systems. Nick is very knowledgeable and attentive.” – Sondra

“Found info concise, easy to understand and very informative. Thank you for building my confidence!” – Martine